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JAHA Group opens the food processing factory – JAHA Foods

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Jaha Foods is one of the most important projects of Jaha Group.

The food processing company started its operation in December 2015, with the purpose to stimulate local economy, create new jobs and contribute to development of local agriculture sector by creating opportunities for local farmers to sell their produce wholesale.

The factory is based in Produjeva in north-eastern part of Kosovo and was set up to produce high quality products using minimal processing methods to retain nutritional values of vegetables. This region of Kosovo is famous for pepper production, and farmers are specialized in cultivation of traditional pepper varieties. With the project of Jaha Foods Processing Factory, local farmers are introduced to new varieties leading them toward farm diversification.

At the beginning, Jaha Foods started its operation in partnership with German partners with limited number of products, whereas now the company is advancing day by day, and is expanding its range of products. Along many others, the company has introduced different pepper varieties such as Cherry peppers, Macedonian peppers, Kardula peppers, Honey peppers, Sweet Chilli peppers, and Peloponnesian peppers.

Jaha Foods Factory

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