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JAHA Group open newest branch JAHA Foods – Food Processing Industry

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Jaha Foods Factory

Jaha Foods (JF) is the newest branch of JAHA Group established in Podujeva region (Kosovo) since late 2015 with the main focus in processing vegetables, for European Markets.

Vegetables that are processed at our factory are cultivated in Greece, Turkey, Albania and Kosovo.  This process is based on International required standards

Our vision is:

  • To become a leading business model in processing vegetables, and building a legacy of stable and sustainable economic development in Kosovo

Our mission is:

  • Meet the international quality standards of the client
  • Establish and build professional local capacities
  • Involve community for a better life through honest work attitude and integrity


History that aims to a greater future for Kosovo:

JAHA Company is a well stable enterprise operating in Kosovo since 1999 in the areas of building construction, concrete production infrastructure, drilling and blasting and solar energy

Processes made by JAHA Foods factory are:

  • Washing and sorting
  • Brine and fermentation
  • Selection and cutting
  • Packing and exporting etc…

Advantages of processing in Kosovo

  • Human factor. Kosovo has the youngest generation in Europe.
  • Low labour cost
  • Access and Location being in the middle of the Balkans
  • Administrative business facilitities (Taxes etc)
  • Our factory offers a modern food processing industry infrastructure.

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